Sleep Apnea

Treatment of sleep apnea is usually done with a C-Pap machine. Another treatment for sleep apnea is a mandibular re-positioning appliance, which temporarily moves the mandible (lower jaw) forward during sleep. Both treatments do not take care of the root cause of sleep apnea. The x-ray shows a very narrow airway space measuring only 3mm wide. Normal airway space is between 12 to 15mm wide.

This patient's problem is her maxilla (upper jaw) is very pushed back towards the spine, which gives her a very narrow airway space.

Treatment with the Advance Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliance is a permanent solution to this problem. The ALF will move the maxilla forward which would open up the airway space, eliminating the sleep apnea. 
Man sleeping with a C-Pap machine.

An ALF appliance. 


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